Range Locomotion

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Contents: 600 ml

Or-Flash is a food complement who acts immediatly on the musculoskeletal system of the horse in order to improve the functioning , increase its availability and to decrease its joint and tendinous pains.

The aims is to otpimize your competition results.
This product 100% natural improve the articular flexibility, the muscular functioning and limit the accumulation of toxin.

Or-Flash is a mix of plants and essential oils specially selected for their properties limiting the inflammation, fighting against the pain and for their power of vascularization.

Fluid extracts : Boswelia, willow white, turmeric, queen of meadows, camomile, blackcurrant, mollilot, conctrated marine in salts of magnesium, sodium chloride and potassium, organic silica, fluid extract of boswelia, queen of meadows, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium.

Essential oils : Eucalyptus, laurel, lavender.

Give 20ml-25ml/days directly in the mouth with a syringe after have shaken the bottle. Rather except the meals.
Start 24-48 hours before the competition and continue during the time of the event.
Doses can be doubled without contraindication.