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Horse recovering - Back to work

Following an injury or surgery a horse must have a more or less long convalescence and rehabilitation controlled to avoid the appearance of new lesions. It is therefore essential to control the accumulated energy and soothe the animal. Do not overlook the risk of colic or gastric ulcer. Particular attention is paramount to not be confronted with these situations.

Care protocol

Depending on the reasons for stopping the horse and his character, the protocols may differ. Typically for muscle recovery administered Or-Joint and Or-Muscle. If your horse is suffering from a bone disease, administered Or-Bones. Daily massage your horse with oil Or-Relax for the muscles and / or Or-Comfort for tendons and joints.  Apply the clay Or-clay for the night. According to the nervousness of the horse add Or-Calm and / or Or-Stress. To avoid an episode of colic, use Or-Gastric during immobilization of horse boxing. For prolonged convalescence, use Or-Draining.