Pain ovary - Sharpshooter mare

The horse has a very sensitive skin tissue, the less damage is likely to become infected and can have serious consequences for the animal. It is therefore essential to take seriously all the wounds made by a horse. If well localized superficial wound, reaching only the dermis, superinfection is unlikely. By cons, irritations like scabies mud systematically become infected and can be complicated to manage. The hygiene of boxing, quality of care and frequency are key elements fThe mares are in their lifetime very sensitive to changes in the size of their ovaries function of their cycle.
Ovarian activity is supported between March and the end of September. The ovary is suspended under the lumbar can cause back pain because it is simply retained by a ligament. An increase in work associated weight creates a real discomfort. In addition, during the cycle, different hormone levels change and dysfunction in this cycle provokes certain behaviors nymphomania mares, stallions, nervousness or aggression. With in some mares urine jets during handling. The diagnosis of ovarian abnormality occurs during different scans.
or proper healing.