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Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that can not care for and respect the joints of the horse. Osteoarthritis is progressive, chronic and irreversible. The conformation of the horse and sports use may promote the early onset of osteoarthritis sign. The clinical signs of osteoarthritis are lameness that appears rather cold associated with joint swelling and synovitis.

Care protocol

A cure during one month of Or-Joint, repeated several times a year depending on the sport intensity. This protocol can be completed with a cure of Or-Bones during one month and regular massages with oil Or-Comfort and / or the use of clay Or-Clay. During the competition: Administered Or-Flash the day before and once a day every day of the competition. Massaging your horse with oil Or- Comfort before the competition. For a good recovery, you can renew this massage and / or apply the clay Or-Clay.