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Contents: 600 ml

Or-Immune is a food complement which help the body of the horse to fight against the infections by stimulating his immune system.

This product 100% natural improve the assimilation of the food so by allowing the horse to fight against a tired state or general weakness.

Or-Immune is particularly recommended during period of intensive training ( competition, long transport ) during the winter season, convalescent or old horse or after a parasitic desease.

Or-Immune is a mix of plants and essential oils specially selected for their propreties stimulating the immunity and for their power of remineralization.

Fluid extracts : Burdock, turmeric, echinacea purpura, eucalyptus, mellilot, selenium, elder, concentrated in salts of magnesium, sodium chloride and potassium, spirulina powder, organic silica, chlorella powder, vitamin C powder, manganese, zinc, gold, silver, copper, phosphorus.

Essential oils : Eucalyptus, laurel, lavender, niaouli.

Give 20ml/ days directly in the mouth with a syringe after have shaken the bottle.
Rather except the meals.
Use during 1 month, to renew several times if need be.