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Contents: 600 ml

Or-Draining is a food complement wich supports the digestive and circulatory function of the horse by stimulating the functioning of the kidney and the liver, as well as the venous return. It favors the elimination of toxin thanks to its diuretic and hepato-protective properties.

This product 100% natural allows to intervene in prevention of  important efforts, of a rich food for an athlete horse. It helps in the recovery further to a parasitic infection of type pyroplasmose or disease of lyme or leptospirosis. He can be also used in curative treatment by favoring the elimination.

Or-Draining is particularly recommended for an old, tired or convalescent horse presenting a bad recovery before or after an intense effort. He can be used in particular in case of cloggings, after a vaccination, a vermifuge or an anti infective treatment.

Or-Draining is a mix of plants and essential oils specially selected for their detoxifying, diuretic, protective hepato  and stimulating of digestive secretions effects.

Fluid extracts : Angelica, turmeric, fennel, mellilot, stinging nettle, dandelion, concentrated marine in salts of magnesium, sodium chloride and potassium, dry extracts of artichoke, burdock, milk thistle, extract of fluid of lovage and of patience, desmodium, copper, manganese, selenium.

Essential oils : Boldo, fennel, ginger.

Give 20ml/days directly in the mouth with a syringe after have shaken the bottle.
Rather except the meals.
Use during 1 month , to renew several times if need be.