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Contents: 600 ml

Or-Gastric is a dietary supplement for treating gastric ulcers in horses  it has a soothing effect at the start of colic through its anti acid and antispasmodic action. It protects the gastric mucosa.

Or-Gastric facilitates the assimilation of food the horse and improves athletic performance thanks to better availability and better general state.

Or-Gastric is a mixture of plants and essential oils specially selected for their actions on thedigestive system of the horse and primarly on the stomach, in order to promote comfort and performance.

This 100% natural product helps to prevent gastric uclers, reduces hydrochloric acid secretion by the stomach, reduces the acidity related to the food and sporting effort and increases the natural secretion of mucosal protectants of the stomach.

Fluid extract, melissa, insed oil, iconice, apple pectin, hypericum, matticaine, couch grass, angelica, marshmalllow, bud fig, marine concentrated magnesium salts, organic silica.

Dry extract, grape seed, green cabbage, calcium carbonate.
Essential oils : laurel, thyme, lavender, niaouli.

Give 20ml/ day directly into the mouth using a syringe after the bottle had been stirred, preferably without food. To be used in cure of at least one month or more if it necessary. The dose may be doubled for transport, competition or beginning of colic.