Brand History

Orvet was born of the gathering pharmaceutical researchers, veterinarians and horsemen. Driven by the same passion, eager to reach the same goal : athletic performance through the horse's health, using only natural products allowed. We have worked together to create a range of products that improve the health of horses and therefore their life of comfort.

Brand History

The first aim is to optimize athletic performance, it was necessary to merge the following:

  • The eyes and irreplaceable competence of veterinary acquired after more than 20 years of experience at the highest level
  • Analyze every day the sensations experienced by riders on their horses and consider their competition experience
  • Use pharmaceutical knowledge about the effectiveness of plants, essential oils, vitamins, ie extract the best way to get the best results and most make their scholarly organization to make products that "work"!

Tested for over a year confidentially with renowned riders, very excellent results recorded, the Gold range-Vet is today to you and offers performance assurance and quality you need in dietary supplements for your horses.

This success we not enough, we want to share with you, our clients, future customers, it is through your results that we find our motivation is our reward!

We work every day for the well-being of your horses to the release of new products, improving our formulations that we do not hesitate to change depending on the desired results.

Treat yourself products "trendy" and innovative range of food supplements Or-Vet, acclaimed by all disciplines, Gold-Vet is the mark today!

The 21st century skills allied to the ancestral plant soap daily are your best allies.

See you soon !